A gut microbiome and genetics-based program, to live disease-free for life

Get personalized precision whole person care to lose weight and reverse physical and mental health issues.

The program is fully covered by H&R Block
for those who qualify.

H&R Block Hero
Reduce Weight
Enhance Sleep Quality
Improve Gut Health
Improve Mental Health

Kits and digital scale

As part of the program,
you receive a gene kit, gut biome kit and a digital tracker.

cotton applicator
hygienic covering
collection tube
prepaid postage
Your gut kit includes a cotton applicator, hygienic covering, collection tube, and prepaid postage.
cotton applicator
collection tube
prepaid postage
Your gene kit includes a cotton applicator, collection tube, and prepaid postage.
Digital Tracker +
As part of the program, if you need a digital scale, it will be provided.

Lose weight

Regardless of your conditions, we get to the root cause, provide coaching and food as medicine

mental health
sleep apnea

Your program

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Meet Your Personal Health Coach
Understand Your Symptoms, Conditions and Blood Markers
Understand Your Food and Lifestyle
Join Private Community
Start making small changes

Understand Habits & Biology (Week 0-4)

Genetic Nutrition Report
Gut Health Report
Genetic Fitness Report
Food Rx Report
Continue small Habit Changes

Understanding Your Unique Blueprint (Weeks 5-8)

Non-Scale Victories
Clinical Improvements in Comorbidities
Start Living a Illness-Free Life

Empowered & Confident (Weeks 9+)

Digbi Cares Prime is a maintenance program covered by your employer to continue to track and monitor the outcomes of your healthy actions for an additional year.
Weeks 17 and beyond


Your coach will personally guide you to better health.

Dedicated Coaching
While in the program, you get unlimited access to your coach.
Personalized feedback
You'll get helpful texts and in-app recommendations from your coach.
Meal planning
Your coach will help you find recipes and construct meal plans.


You’ll receive several reports throughout the program.

Ignite food guide
To start, we’ll provide food portions, daily rhythm & nutrition guidelines.
Gene nutrition report
Learn how to eat effectively for your unique genetic profile.
Gene fitness report
Learn how to exercise effectively for your unique genetic profile.
Probiotic/Gut report
Nutrition, exercise & lifestyle report based on your genes & gut biome.

Our app

No more counting calories - our app is simple and effective.

Easy check-ins
Simply log in and answer a few questions.
Schedule coaching calls
Schedule and manage calls with your health coach.
Connect the dots
Connect the dots between food, sleep, stress and other factors.
Meal planning
Find personalized meals from a database of over 500,000 recipes.
Time advantage eating
Set daily fasting goals and track your route to better health.

We love a good
success story

I lost 37 lbs, and

reversed my hypertension

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I lost 25 lbs, and

improved my mental health

Watch video

I lost 32 lbs, and

reduced gut issues

Watch video

I lost 19 lbs, and

reversed my T2 Diabetes

Watch video

I lost 20 lbs, and

improved my mental focus

Watch video

I lost 33 lbs, and

reduced weight-related anxiety

Watch video

I lost 17 lbs, and

improved mental focus

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I lost 20 lbs, and

reversed prediabetes

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I lost 20 lbs, and

reduced my b.p.

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We prioritize your privacy

We keep your information secure and confidential. And we put you in control of your data. If you ever want us to remove your information from our systems, just send us an email at digbi@digbihealth.com.